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2011-12-10 23:03:56 by SadistWolf

Hooray, I just finished submitting all my artwork for the past few years onto dA. That's where I plan to post the rest of it from now on. I would like to thank the few people who might have been keeping up with me here,and I hope you'll continue to check my stuff out on dA. My name on there is ColbyMincey. 'Til next time Newgrounds, keep being awesome.

Weak Summer

2011-09-11 09:25:49 by SadistWolf

Well this summer was pretty much a bust. I didn't even do half as much artwork as I wanted to do, my idea of transferring to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) was shot down when I couldn't get anyone in my family to cosign my loans, and I spent the entire summer working with no real vacation time. To top it all off is the fact that it's too late to sign up for classes at the local colleges, so I'm spending this semester working the whole time as well. Oh well, that's how life goes I guess.


2011-05-14 12:09:07 by SadistWolf

The semester has ended, I'm officially on Summer Vacation, and I finally got some new artwork posted. Hope fully I'll be able do upload a little more during the Summer. And I hope you all enjoy the pics.


2010-09-02 10:12:42 by SadistWolf

I havn't posted anything since last time. THe main reason is due to work and school taking up the majority of my time. I'll try to upload something asap. Thanks for those who have kept up with me thus far.


2010-02-18 10:00:23 by SadistWolf

Well I finally have a good bit of the art I'm proud of on Newgrounds. I try to upload a couple more things that I like and am sure you guys will like as well. Keep a look out for my name. 'Til next time.


2010-02-16 09:53:14 by SadistWolf

To anyone who has been keeping up, I'm sorry I haven't posted any thing else. I plan on scanning some of my stuff later tonight and uploading it tomorrow afternoon. THanks anyway.


2010-02-13 08:14:02 by SadistWolf

Around midnoght I was able to upload one of the pieces of art work that wouldn't go through. I hope any one who views it likes it. I'l try to upload some of my other stuff, if not today then on Monday.


2010-02-12 15:44:11 by SadistWolf

I tried posting some of my artwork today, at two seperate times, and both times IE said there was something wrong with the process. I'll try again in a few hours with Firefox and see if it works then.

First Day

2010-02-10 16:28:55 by SadistWolf

Wow, today's the first day I've ever done anything on Newgrounds other than view stuff. I'll probably upload some of my drawings as soon as I scan and save them as the appropriate file type, either Friday or Saturday, I'm not sure. Why not check 'em out when they show up. Thanks for reading and potentially viewing. See ya'!